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2020-21 Winter Programming Registration is now OPEN!

NSC Montana is Northwest Montana’s premier option for developing elite youth players. We take pride in offering extremely high-quality, year-round, and professional programming, especially when it matters most - the OFF-SEASON!  What a player does during the off-season greatly determines their success during the regular season. Therefore, our Winter Programming is carefully designed to give players the specific training opportunities necessary to continue to grow and improve their game. Whether it be improving your speed, strength, shooting, finishing, or your first touch, we have the program for you!  Please find a complete list of winter programs & descriptions below.  


Click HERE to view and register for our Winter 2020-21 Programs! 


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NSC Montana is a soccer club located in Northwest Montana.  We are insured and sanctioned through US Club Soccer which allows us maximum flexibility and control of our schedule and competitions. Our teams train 2-3 times per week during the spring, summer, and fall. Our teams compete in friendlies and have the opportunity to compete in large, regional tournaments in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and even internationally into Canada.  We also offer the Flathead Valley's only winter off-season programming and training specifically designed to help soccer players improve.  

Our coaches and directors are nationally licensed, full-time professionals and have a professional or collegiate playing background.  They offer curriculum focused, high-intensity training for both the outdoor and indoor seasons (winter training takes place on professional grade indoor turf).  

Decisions within our club that directly affect our members are made by our staff members - the soccer professionals with the experience, qualifications, and foresight necessary to do what is best for our players and organization. Without a volunteer board of directors, we are allowed to streamline our organization, communicate effectively, and eliminate any conflicts of interest. We are Northwest Montana’s premier option for developing youth soccer players.


The main goal at NSC Montana is to bring together players from the Flathead Valley (Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork) to train, play, compete, and ultimately develop to their utmost potential. It is our priority to build a relationship with, connect with, and help develop every individual that we work with.   

We are not building professional teams - we are helping individual athletes be the best players and people that they can be both on and off the field.



At NSC we recognize that the importance of development and improvement is greater than the importance of winning.  Therefore it is our priority to help every player that we coach to develop to be the best they can be both on and off the field. At the same time, we do not ignore the fact that every individual wants to win. Winning is not completely ignored, it is just secondary to development and improvement. As a result of this approach, our teams ultimately tend to find success on the field as well.

Another reason we don’t focus on winning is simply because it is something that is largely outside of our control. Every soccer player and family has been apart of or witnessed a soccer game where the team that completely controls the game (via the most possession and dangerous chances) still ends up losing.  Therefore our focus is on what we can control: the work we do in training, our coaching staff, our curriculum, and the energy and passion that our coaches bring to training and constantly demand of our players. The quote below sums up perfectly our approach to coaching youth players:

“Some youth academies worry about winning. We worry about education.” – Xavi Hernandez, FC Barcelona & Spain

We also recognize that in order for youth soccer players to develop quickly, three key ingredients are required:

1) PASSION – This could come from coaches, parents, a role model, or even a film that ignites a desire to work hard at the game. We do our best to bring out and develop our players’ passion for the game.

2) PRACTICE – Deliberate and meaningful practice is absolutely vital for the development of any youth soccer player. Players need to be challenged in every single practice session and one of the best ways to do this is via specific small-sided games / pressurized possession situations / and with an age-based appropriate curriculum. We focus very heavily on these aspects in all of our team training sessions.

3) COACHING – Top quality coaching is perhaps the most important ingredient of all. Our coaches possess many of the essential characteristics required to develop young soccer players.  They are inspiring, set high standards, and organize practices that provide situations where players are regularly challenged to think for themselves and solve problems. They demonstrate the necessary skills and techniques with professional-level precision which gives players a “visual guide” to learn from.  They encourage and welcome risk-taking and mistakes; two key elements needed to improve and develop.

When choosing a club and coach for your child, it is worth remembering that qualifications and licenses are important, but they mean very little without the ability to deliver and connect with the players. This is where our coaches excel – they’re highly qualified, nationally licensed, and they go out of their way build personal relationships with each of the players they work with.

Every aspect of our philosophy is geared towards player development and doing what is best for the players and teams.  At NSC, we strive to give our players and families the best quality, most competitive, and most fun soccer experience possible. At NSC, we are MORE THAN A CLUB!